Operator Tips

  • Read the operators manual before operating any machine for the first time.
  • Familiarise yourself with the job site and surroundings.
  • Know the maximum height of your machine.
  • Look before you dig:
  • Remember to take notice of what is in the air above.
  • Contact the authorities for the location of any underground utilities or communications lines in the area.
  • Do not operate outside the noted capacity limits.
  • Do not carry a passenger at any stage, carrying a passenger may cause serious injury or even death.
  • Make sure the machine is on firm ground and kept level at all times.
  • Clean your machine down daily, clean the cab interior and the exterior and check around the engine bay.
  • Complete daily checks and grease you machines working point daily.helpful_tips
  • Before operating a machine, check the fluid levels, tyres and work tool edges/tips.
  • Get Comfortable – to make your working day comfortable and productive, it is important to well adjust the seat and controls. Once you have positioned the seat and steering wheel, adjust the armrests and positioning of the controls.
  • When walking an excavator, keep the sprocket to the rear and the idler to the front.
  • Just make three to four inch deep cuts whilst trenching as opposed to trying to fill the fill the bucket each time, this will be more productive.

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